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It is likely that you found this page while searching the words: "analyzing text for seo keywords","seo validation", "tools for seo", "seo page analysis", "search engine optimization content analysis", "seo content analysis", "content analyze seo", "content analysis"+ seo, "analyze my website free" or something of the sort using Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine. This page was optimized for these keywords.

If you should choose to continue your search for SEO, then check the other results that the search engine gave you. Most of them, you will find to be more sophisticated in design, have twice the content we do, and many more external links than's five pages (size does matter!). However, Google gave ez-SEO a better rating. Why is that?:
Because's pages were optimized with its own SEO tools.

Search engine optimization can be difficult and confusing. Knowing this, I decided to put together some tools to help you along the process. These tools are based on the webmaster's recommendations given by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. They are also largely based on the personal experiences and advice of several people. The SEO tools are capable of the majority of things that need to be done in order to optimize your web page for leading search engines quickly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Webmaster tools help webmasters analyze their website's Links, Images, Body content, Page Title, Meta keywords and description, testing pages for target keywords phrase, and even compare your website to those of your competitors. Using our SEO tools you can optimize your web page to increase its rating and visibility in search engines' results.

Our goal is to make SEO easy for you

The name "ez-SEO" means Easy Search Engine Optimization. Even though SEO is a complex and multidimensional thing that can't be done perfectly, no matter the level of expertise, we are trying our best to automate that which can be automated, so that webmasters everywhere can not waste time working on other search engine optimization features.

You don't have to be a SEO expert to achieve a better ranking on search engines. Our idea is simple -

  1. Choose your keywords
  2. Perform page by page site analysis
  3. Find best ranked (for your keywords) sites (competitors)
  4. Analyze those competitors of yours
  5. Make changes to your site accordingly
  6. Repeat as necessary

How to become a SEO expert; Knowing your competitors is important

You can't know when and how search engines will adjust their algorithms. But you will always be able to see where you stand in the rankings, and who your competitors are. Using our SEO tools, you wan also see what did to their page to achieve their high rankings. There's more that can be done, such as link building, but your page's tune-up and SEO health check are crucial parts of your site's SEO optimization process.

Most of the sites located on the first page of search engines hired an expert to do it for them. To find out what they did, all you have to do is:

Analyze your competitors' sites, see what they did and do the same but better.

Monitor your competitors' popularity

These tools do not physically modify web pages or give any step-by-step instructions. The tools provided are designed to give webmasters a different perspective regarding their web pages; they will give them the opportunity to see their pages the way search engines see them. This will enable them to know what changes must be made to the web pages in order to make them more efficient and search engine friendly.

Any tools for SEO by itself do not guarantee the highest rating in the search engines. SEO is a complex thing and there are way more tricks and tips than just page content analysis and optimization. To reach search engines top search results you need to find a good SEO specialist and be ready for at least half a year commitment to achieve your goals.

We've done this to our own website, hundreds of others, and we can help you too. Our rates are reasonable, we work fast and results are guaranteed.

Free SEO Page Content Analysis Tools for SEO

ez-SEO free tools for SEO (Search Engines Optimization)

ez-SEO is also offering now:

  • Competitors SEO analysis (detailed competing sites analysis)
  • Competitors Traffic analysis
  • Keywords/phrases site analysis
  • Keywords/phrases competitors analysis
  • Page combined relevance indicator calculation, and more

Get the most from your Web site!

The ez-SEO’s health check helps you get the most out of your site. The main objective of the check is to provide an in-depth analysis of your site. Upon completion, it will then recommend the best steps to take in order to boost your site’s traffic.

Some of ez-SEO’s features include ratings and grades on important SEO and user engagement factors, prioritized recommendations, and a fully comprehensive analysis.
You will be provided with over 10 in-depth reports and a minimum of 40 easy-to-do suggestions on how to fully optimize your site.

ez-SEO Page Content Analysis Examples: site analysis example
Try various Detailed Analysis buttons on the page as well as the Competitors Site Analysis.

Try our free online tools and you may find that it works for you too. Please feel free to add links to on your websites and refer it to your co-workers and friends.

Best regards, and take it EZ

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